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Sierra County Travel Code

Sierra County is a place of wide-open spaces that champions open-mindedness and celebrates diversity. We respect our friends and neighbors and their health and safety. We respect the environment, local culture and all the different kinds of people who visit our communities. Respect is the key to keeping each other safe and all of Sierra County’s precious and fragile beauty protected, today and tomorrow. 

Feel free to traipse, travel and follow your joy in Sierra County! Please follow this Sierra County Travel Code, adapted from Visit California’s Responsible Travel Code, while doing so. 

Roam Responsibly. I will explore Sierra County thoughtfully and responsibly, maintaining the utmost respect for everyone and everything I encounter.

Educate Myself. I will do my research before traveling across the county, familiarizing myself with local regulations and community concerns, which may have changed over time. This is especially important for our rural communities with limited healthcare resources, aging population, and limited guest services.

Safety First. I will follow public health directives from government officials, including the Covid-19 measures. I will take all necessary steps to minimize exposures to Covid-19 and stay home if I’m sick. I will check local road conditions before I travel, obey traffic rules and burn restrictions. I will ensure someone knows where I'm going since cell phone service might not be available. I will travel safely and carry extra food, water, and be aware of my surroundings. I will keep Sierra County safe!

Preserve Sierra County. I will protect and nurture the Sierra County’s pristine outdoor spaces and cultural icons, by maintaining a light footprint at every turn and paying special attention to delicate ecosystems. 

Embrace Community. I will support local businesses and do my part to ensure the long-term prosperity of the places I visit.

Celebrate Culture. I will immerse myself in Sierra County’s diverse local cultures and embrace the traditions and practices I encounter.

Teach Others. I will lead by example and share these practices with fellow travelers, acknowledging that we all share the responsibility to protect Sierra County.

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