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Who Are We?

About SCVB

Visit Sierra County (known as the Sierra County Visitors Bureau) coordinates and partners with the various organizations of Sierra County, California to promote the county’s meetings, events, and travel destinations. Our marketing efforts are focused on driving additional tax revenue and funding to our community to directly benefit our local residents' quality of life. Visit Sierra County believes in putting residents first, and we continually strive to grow resident pride and enhance the image of our county and its communities: Alleghany, Calpine, Downieville, Goodyear’s Bar, Loyalton, Sattley, Sierra City, Sierraville, and many other vibrant and historical townships. We believe resident pride and involvement is what will drive future business investment and convert visitors into future residents to further grow a diverse and talented workforce and community for Sierra County.

The Sierra County Visitors Bureau is a community organization focused on increasing the quality of life and place for residents and future residents of Sierra County. Visit Sierra County is applying for a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable organization for economic and community development funded by various grassroots initiatives and supported by the local governments.



Visit Sierra County is dedicated to enhancing the region’s economic development and quality of life by collaboratively leading the promotion of our richly diverse community and its history and advocating for initiatives that will enhance the city’s quality of place. We plan to generate funding and opportunity through our mission of connecting responsible visitors with our rural historic communities and merchants, once in a lifetime adventures, and pristine natural spaces.


The Sierra County Visitors Bureau envisions a future where Sierra County is widely respected as a diverse and welcoming community, providing unique and authentic experiences and opportunities in a thriving economy that prioritizes safeguarding and celebrating the rural roots and heritage of Sierra County and its natural spaces. 



What do SCVB funds support?

  1. Employee Upskilling & Development: Building employee and community capacity for employment through education and training initiatives that meet the needs of the local economy and enhance the skill sets of our community’s workforce (Potential Partners with the SCOE/Adult Ed. and ties to Feather River Community College, SPJUSD, and North/Far North Regional Consortium).

  2. Boosting Business Branding: Through digital advertising opportunities and promotions SCVB provides support to businesses to maximize their reach and vision. (Potential Partners Chamber of Commerce East and Sierra County)

  3.  Professional Development & Leadership Training: Provide access to professional thought leadership by bringing expert speakers and entrepreneurial resources  for professional guidance (i.e health department regulations, loan and finance advice, legal support,) (Partners Sierra County Health Department, Chamber of Commerce, Board of Supervisors) 

  4. Safety of Residents and Visitors: Advocating for safety needs and human services that increase the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors. For instance, increasing access to medical care, mental health services, nutritious food,  (Potential Partners Frontier Medical, Board of Supervisors, Eastern Plumas, Sierra County Law Enforcement, Volunteer Fire Departments: Loyalton, Sierraville, Sierra City, Downieville)

  5. Increasing Sustainable Business Practice: Increase sustainable and environmentally friendly practices across businesses and residential properties in Sierra County to reduce environmental impact and footprints where feasible and cost-effective. (Potential Partners Sierra Trail Stewardship, Tahoe National Forest, SYRCL, Chambers of Commerce)

  6. Visitor Education & Stewardship of Land: Help connect residents and visitors with the most up-to-date information about weather, climate, and habitats of Sierra County and coordinate and provide opportunities for community members and partners to safeguard our natural resources and preserve and elevate wild Sierra County (Potential Partners SYRCL, Tahoe National Forest, SCOE/SPJUSD)

  7. Welcoming New Residents: Creating a welcoming and diverse community and workforce by providing new and potential residents with resources for a successful move to plant roots in Sierra County and contribute to our growing community–long-term. Helping residences and employees of Sierra County find affordable, long-term housing.

Forest Lake

Connectedness, Community, Resident Pride, Civic Empowerment, Accountability, Sustainability, Giving Back, To Learn & Improve


Organizational Values

Connectedness, Community, Resident Pride, Civic Empowerment, Accountability, Sustainability, Giving Back, To Learn & Improve

Board of Directors

Current Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Sonya MelinePresident – Owner of Carriage House Inn, Riverside Mountain Lodge, & Cold Rush Cafe (Downieville)

  • Niecea FreemanCo-Vice President, Marketing & Community Outreach Director - SSF Marketing Director, CSF Non-profit Board Member & Educator at Downieville Schools (Downieville/Loyalton)

  • Teresa TaylorCo-Vice President – Owner of Downieville River Inn (Downieville)

  • Cindy HaublCo-Secretary - Owner of Sierra Pines Resort (Sierra City)

  • Max RyanCo-Secretary & Events Director- Manager of the Carriage House Inn (Downieville)

  • Nikki Sperry Treasurer - Owner of Empire Creek Provisions (Downieville)

  • Wendy BergstromMembership Director - Owner of The Top Story B&B (Loyalton)

  • Josh SweigertEmployee Education & Development Director - Regional Director of Employer Engagement Retail, Hospitality, Tourism in the North / Far North Regional Consortium (Truckee)

  • Susanne Francis –  Legal Counsel– Pearl Street Cottage (Downieville)



Sonya Meline - President


Teresa Taylor - Co-Vice President


Nikki Sperry - Treasurer

Niecea Freeman - Co-Vice President &
             Marketing Outreach Director

Max Ryan - Co-Secretary &
            Events Director

Cindy Haubl - Co-Secretary

20220317_161032 (1).jpg

Susanne Francis - Legal Counsel

Wendy Bergstrom - Membership 

Josh Sweigert - Employee Ed.
        & Development Director

Josh Sweigert headshot (1).jpg

Meeting Notices & Accountability


Meeting Notices & Agendas:

Next Board Meeting - June 13th 1:30 PM via Zoom (link TBD)

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